New HF 5.0.21 B&W Preset Not Working

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New HF 5.0.21 B&W Preset Not Working

Unread postby jpmccormac » 05.09.2011 20:23

I just installed the new version of Helicon Filter and the new features are very nice. I've only just begun to use it, but I did notice that the new Preset for Black_White High Key isn't working . The error message reads, "cannot load file settings."

May I suggest that the Presets that come up when a file is originally opened display in a different vertical order. The Gradient, Vignette and Auto Brightness_Sepia would be better ordered at the bottom of the Presets as I think they are used less often that the others. Alternatively, I guess the user could hide the presets he/she doesn't use. Just a suggestion.

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Re: New HF 5.0.21 B&W Preset Not Working

Unread postby Stas Yatsenko » 07.09.2011 10:12

Thanks for the suggestions, this will be checked and fixed. You can hide unused presets though a context menu (right click over the presets).

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