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file size

Unread postby Guest » 07.02.2011 23:45

I have been using Helicon Focus for combining images taken with a light microscope. I have been quite successful with most of my images. I have just discovered a problem. I have been making measurements using image analysis and found that Helicon Focus changes my image file size so that measurement based on pixels is not possible. Is there any way to force the program to keep the file size intact? Thanks

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Re: file size

Unread postby Stas Yatsenko » 09.02.2011 12:43

Helicon Focus uses the first frame in the stack as a reference image, aligning all other images to it. Helicon Focus automatically changes image sorting so that the closest image is the first in the stack. I think that is why you see scaling. My suggestions are: a) manually sort images on the Parameters tab , b) disable adjustment for magnification if it is negligible in your case.

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