5.0.15 Activation Bug

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5.0.15 Activation Bug

Unread postby hb2000 » 10.01.2011 23:30

Running Windows XP, SP3. Have been running Helicon Filter for several days, it says I have 26 days left on activation.
I decided to purchase HF, received my code and tried to activate.
When I click on "Activate" the progress bar to the right goes to 100% but then the cursor becomes an hour glass and the progress bar flickers on and off several times a second. In "Task Manager" it shows HeliconFilter.exe running at a consistent 45-50% CPU capacity. I let it run for 15 minutes and it never stopped so I had to stop it manually from Task Manager. I've tried it many times, always with the same result.
I turned off my Firewall and virus detection and made sure all other programs were closed, but got the same results.

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Re: 5.0.15 Activation Bug

Unread postby Stas Yatsenko » 11.01.2011 11:55

Sorry, we were not able to find you in our database of registered users. Please contact us via support@heliconsoft.com

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