V4 versus v5

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V4 versus v5

Unread postby amitourlo » 14.09.2010 18:45

With the version 4.93, it was possible in the color tab to control the saturation for 2 types of colours, dull and bright colors.
Did this option disappear or will you implement it again ?

In the Frames tab, the picture is not automatically updated when we choose for example "frame type" / "plain color" and change the width of the frame in percentage with the mouse on the up and down arrows without typing "enter". If you type "enter" this is ok.
Concerning this option, maybe it could be interesting to be able to select the size of the frame not only in percentage but also in pixels or mm.

Concerning the resizing tab and especially A4 size, the right dimensions are 210 mm * 297 mm
You can refer to the page
I did not check the others... You could also add some other formats from the reference page that I quoted.


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Re: V4 versus v5

Unread postby Stas Yatsenko » 15.09.2010 14:12

Thanks for the suggestions. We decided that two sliders for saturation are too many. Did you find it useful? Thanks for the suggestions and corrections.

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