Adobe Raw Converter vs .rw2

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Adobe Raw Converter vs .rw2

Unread postby sh00ter » 29.08.2010 09:34

Hi Stas. I'm using HF 4.93 on Vista Home Basic. I recently started shooting in .rw2 ( Lumix fz35) . After I try to load the raw file into HF, I get the message 'Adobe Raw converter error, reverting to embedded converter'. I have d/l'd and installed into the HF folder, version 6 of Adobe Raw converter - their page says the Lumix fz35 is compatible with this version. But it doesn't work in HF. Do you know what the problem is?

cheers, sh00ter/Scott

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Re: Adobe Raw Converter vs .rw2

Unread postby Stas Yatsenko » 30.08.2010 11:35


We followed instructions from our site ( and adobe dng converter works ok, at least for our raw files. Please upload one of your raw files to our server (as described at and we will check it too.

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