Uploaded 5.0.9 - still no text option nor help files

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Uploaded 5.0.9 - still no text option nor help files

Unread postby DCowles » 20.08.2010 17:37

Just uploaded the newest version and it still doesn't offer the ability to place text in the photo like the older 4.8.8 that I still have on my laptop (thank God). This new program isn't intuitive for novice users like myself, and without an available help file system, it is a huge disappointment. I don't live to decipher new beta programs and don't expect functionality to be decreased in subsequent versions of something that worked. Oh, the graphics are pretty and the page layout looks nice, but if it doesn't do what it used to do, then it isn't BETTER! Is there anyway that I can get a download of 4.8.8 again and just erase your current experiment from my computer? While the Focus program is still excellent and I use it frequently, the Filter program has become basically useless to me because I can't tag my photos with copyright marks and a signature.

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Re: Uploaded 5.0.9 - still no text option nor help files

Unread postby Stas Yatsenko » 23.08.2010 11:31

Sorry for inconvinience! Please use this link to install the older version (http://www.heliconsoft.com/downloads/He ... .2Free.exe). The text functionality is the next point in our to-do list. I would appreciate if you write us comments on the usability of the 5.x version, we would be happy to make it better.

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