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Questions :)

Unread postby HolgerS » 18.08.2010 09:40

Good morning from Dresden

I use Helicon since yesterday. I have yet to make any recording without crash. Maybe my laptop is too weak? I'm using an Acer TravelMate 8771 with Vista32 on a Canon 7D.

I'm getting at Helicon also the error: "Internal Error! Access violation at address 758D21DC in module" Secur32.dll ". Read of address 0000000C.

In HeliconRemote I can only make recordings without crash, when the photos are not transferred to the computer. I continue to try.

Is there an SDK for HeliconRemote? If the software is running at stable, I would like to replace Breeze. This is only if I can start recording by other software. I also need a signal from HeliconRemote if the recording is finished. Is that possible?

Sorry for my bad english. :)

Thanks and best regards

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Re: Questions :)

Unread postby Stas Yatsenko » 18.08.2010 11:37


Thanks for your report. We will fix this bug.

Right now I can give you links to older versions in hope that they will not have such problem: ... s5.0.9.exe ... 5.0.10.exe ... 5.0.11.exe

Do you mean starting Helicon Remote with command line parameters? Or controlling already running Helicon Remote from other application? Both ways are possible to implement, please describe your needs and we will try to add this functionality. Send more info to

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