Error "Parameter not correct"

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Error "Parameter not correct"

Unread postby Juza » 24.05.2004 21:15

I've no problem when I work on small images but when I use the NF (version 1.39) on big photos (more than 2 mb, 2000x3000 jpg) I sometimes get this error:


Actually, I get this error if I process a second big image, i.e. : I open a large photo, I apply NF and I save it without problems; I unload this image, I load a second photo, I apply NF, I click on save and I get the error.

since it appens only on big photos, it could be due to my slow computer(600 mhz with 128mb of RAM, windows 98SE )? or is it a software bug?


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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 31.05.2004 15:41

98 is buggy when dealing with big images. We try to cope with this problem. I hope the next version will be stable.

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