Helicon under XP; User rights

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Helicon under XP; User rights

Unread postby Guest » 22.05.2004 17:13


i tried to use Helicon on my PC. I always install soft as admin and run it as restricted user.

Helicon cannot run in this mode, since it wants to write to HKLM/helicon..../..
So, when i start it as restricted user, i cannot load any file.

The only possibility i found is, to give change Rights to this HKLM Key. But this it not a good solution.


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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 23.05.2004 09:30

Thanks for this comment. We will check this.


Unread postby JF » 29.07.2005 10:42

The latest version (3.10) gives an bad error message upon start when running with restricted rights...


Unread postby Guest » 29.07.2005 12:04

thanks, will check it

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