Suport of Pentax K7 RAW file format

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Suport of Pentax K7 RAW file format

Unread postby BaIP » 21.08.2009 19:36


I tried to load a PEF file from the Pentax K7 into Helicon (vers. 4.93).

When I use the DCRAW method the colour look very strange.
The first screenshot from the attached picture shows how the images is shown in source view (very dark, wrong colours).
When I switch to Brightness it becomes brighter but the colours are not adequate.
The third picture shows how it should look like.

If I use the build in RAW converter it opens only a 640x480 "tumbnail", but the colours seem to be okay.

If I use the Adobe RAW converter I get an error message and the hint that I can use another RAW converter. A question pops up if I want to switch Adobe RAW converter off.

Do you have any solution for PENTAX K7 PEF files within Helicon Filter?

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