W7 64bit: No HF in PS CS 4

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W7 64bit: No HF in PS CS 4

Unread postby mgamer » 19.08.2009 21:28

Hi all,

it seems that I am the first with W7 problems :)

O.K:I now using Windows 7 ultimate 64bit release, HF newest version

a) Helicon Filter (HF) installs in the Programms (x86) folder
b) after copying the Helicon filter.8bf and the configuration file in the
appropriate folders of PS (x86 and x64) I have HF in the Photoshop 32bit Version... good
c) but now way to get PS 64bit to show me the Helicon filter in the

any ideas?

Greetings from hot Germany


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Unread postby satpet » 04.11.2009 14:24

I have the same issue.

Is the plugin 64 bit compatible?

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Stas Yatsenko
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Unread postby Stas Yatsenko » 05.11.2009 16:57

We will make 64 bit version of the plugin (8bf) for the 64 bit Photoshop. It will come with the version 5 of Helicon Filter in a few weeks.

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