Incorrect Colour in Conversion from RAW to TIF/JPG

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Bharat Shahane

Incorrect Colour in Conversion from RAW to TIF/JPG

Unread postby Bharat Shahane » 10.07.2009 09:54

I use a Canon 450D. I shoot RAW+JPG. The jpg shots are accurate in colour to reality. So are the raw images if viewed as raw images. But the moment raw images are converted to tif or jpg (even without any modification/editing), they lose colour fidelity very significantly. Early morning warm tones (orange/red) go missing. Yellow and green tints predominate instead.

Can someone here advise what to do?

Thak you.


Ray Coory

Unread postby Ray Coory » 15.08.2009 15:49

Hi Bharat,
what procedure are you using to convert your Raw files? It sounds like they are losing their white balance. You have to remember that the jpegs are given a white balance and curve automatically by the camera, whereas the raw files are not. If you want accurate colour, photograph a test grey card in the photo, then click on that with the white balance tool. Then you have to apply the changes. In Helicon Filter you need to click on the save button to save the adjustments, and then save to disk.

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