Non functioning install vista64

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Non functioning install vista64

Unread postby gavlong » 22.06.2009 01:30

The combined images are all black with no details at all

The 'run' button shows flat black at first with the demo and it gradually steps up to pure white but the output file is pure black

This is vista 64 but I notice the program installs in the x86 programs folder instead of the programs folder for 64 bit programs - is this a telling observation? Has this installed a 32 bit version?

A similar install on another non laptop machine XP64 was the same - on that machine reinstalling solved the problem. On the vista64 laptop it had not made any difference. Laptop is Intel and other is AMD

Appreciate any help - we want to evaluate the software on location with the laptop and would prefer to see if we have a good result before getting back to base

Laptop has 2 SLI graphic cards - I cant imagine that makes any diff except for display


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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 25.06.2009 10:00

Does this happen with demo images that comes with the program too? Please disable "Use 32/64 bit processing server" option in the proferences of Helicon Focus and try again.

The program consists of two parts: 32 bit interface and 64 bit processing module.

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