Difficult to see effect of settings

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Difficult to see effect of settings

Unread postby trondeh » 13.05.2005 20:33


When trying to see the effect of changes made, for example in the sharpening tab, I can not find a way to easily see the effect of the settings. When clicking on the image, the uncorrected version is show. As this can have several other changes it makes it really difficult to see the real effect of minor changes.

Is this an intended feature, or result of (poor?) design :-) Any idea how this can be accomplished?


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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 13.05.2005 21:00

Yes, when you click on the image we show the original image for comparison. You can also switch to two-window mode to see original and resulting images side by side.

Have you better ideas how to make changes visible?


Yes, I think so

Unread postby trondeh » 13.05.2005 21:37

Basically, the changes you are most interested in each tab-section, are the changes you do within that tab. You would also of course like to be able to compare with the original. What if you had two modes:

* Click, to see the changes made WITHIN that tab
* Ctrl- or Alt- + click to compare with the original version.

I think that would solve this issue.


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