dll error code 8

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dll error code 8

Unread postby Brett » 29.03.2009 02:11

Hi Dan
(4.93.2 Pro)
1st , HF is brilliant and have possibly used it that much that I have worn it out. :)

Unfortunately, when working on large images I seem to get a error more then 50%, sometimes its all good, sometimes it errors.

This is the error on the current image
When save tab pressed , 'DLL error! Cannot process current image (code 8 ).'

Its a pano stiched in PSE6 and opened in HF via Lightroom,
26.9mb 9951x2700 TIFF_Uncompressed; 16 b/channel.
(Canon 50d)

Anything I can do, or try to fix this.


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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 31.03.2009 14:05


Most probably this will only be fixed in the version 5.x that will be available in a couple of months. Thanks for reporting this bug.

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dll error code 8

Unread postby barcud » 08.05.2009 11:31

I just downloaded 4.93 and ran into the same problem as Brett.

I am also working on panorama pictures. I read that you said this will be fixed in a couple of month in version 5.x

My question is:

It seems that here is a stack of all the actions I did because even after the error I can get all my changes to appear again. Is it possible to somehow save this "stack of actions" ?
Then I could take that stack, apply it to the smaller pictures before I actually stich them into a panorama.

The thing is, the changes need to be made on the panorama because otherwise you just can't judge the overall effect.

So, is there a way of saving all the actions??


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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 12.05.2009 13:31

Yes, you can save all settings in a file:

Menu\Settings\File settings\Save

You can later load them to apply to other image.

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