Can I resume work done yesterday?

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Can I resume work done yesterday?

Unread postby Paul » 26.02.2009 16:49

I downloaded the trial version yesterday. I worked extensively on retouching an image, and saved it to the same folder I have my series of images in. Now I want to do further retouching work on it and can find no way to "load" the previously saved output image. What am I missing?

Furthermore, though I clicked "Add to set", on restarting Focus, there is no set listed and I have to start from scratch selecting images for inclusion. This has happened at least twice.

Thanks for any help.


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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 16.03.2009 14:35


Sorry, retouching history is not saved so you cannot resume retouching after program restart.

There is a workaround though which may help you:

1. After first part of retouching save the result into the folder with source images.
2. Restart the program.
3. On the files tab select all source images and partially retouched image.
4. Switch to Parameters tab.
5. Unselect partially retouched image.
6. Process the stack.
7. Swithc to Retouching tab
8. Now you have partially retouched image in the list and can use it to transfer your previous work to the new result. It will take only a couple of strokes with a wide brush.

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