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Bharat Shahane

HF ver 4.90.1 Issues...

Unread postby Bharat Shahane » 21.10.2008 05:29


I recently purchased 4.90. HF Pro stand alone version. I use it to convert RAW files from Canon 450D. I invariably shoot at 100 ASA.

Sometimes I make absolutely no corrrections at all to a RAW file; I simply convert it, as is, to a TIFF 16 bit image. Even so I notice the following:

[a] Considerable noise in the converted image when none appears to exist in the RAW file.
[b] A very significant colour shift. The reds tend to show up as coral pink.
[c] Highlights become muted as if they have been modified using Higlight/Shadow correction n Photoshop.

Can someone advise why this is so and what needs to be done to convert without losing original values?

Thank you!

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Unread postby lutz » 28.10.2008 03:06

Hello Bharat,

are you using HF at its default settings for RAW conversion?
I guess for Canon cameras you can now chose between three RAW conversion engines.
> Settings >> Preferences >> RAW

I assume when choosing"embedded converter", HF would use the original Canon conversion libraries.

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 30.10.2008 13:47

Yes, you can use DCRAW, Adobe converter or cannon libraries for RAW development. I would appreciate if you tell us in which mode you have these problems.

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