Mixed experience with HF 4.90

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Mixed experience with HF 4.90

Unread postby pJ2 » 27.09.2008 22:37

This follows the post signed PJ2

As a standalone, to process canon g9 raw with dcraw, 4.90 works smoothly,
maybe even faster than 4.84. Has there been optimization?

An old problem remains: I can't use the 'regular' raw processor, that using the canon code. This was originally the motivation for updating to 4.88.

Worse, I can't use HF from Photoshop anymore. It worked with 4.84.
With 4.90, I get the panel with hf 4.90 over the colorful background of the setting sun, and it freezes there. This had happened when I installed 4.90 and the installer offered to launch the programme right after installation.
My version is 'Helicon Filter Pro(MP). I had had the photoshop pluging running for years.
I have just checked the right .8BF file is in the photoshop pugin file.

More help will be appreciated...
Yours JPJ

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 28.09.2008 17:41

Thanks for your feedback. We cannot reproduce the problem so please contact us via support@heliconfilter.com.

Here is the link to old version, you can install it into different folder and use both versions.

G9: we use the latest canon libraries available from canon site. Please upload your sample to our ftp server (http://heliconsoft.com/ftp.html)


promt replys 4.90=>4.84

Unread postby pj2 » 29.09.2008 10:54

Thanks for your reply.

Now, with 4.90 and 4.84 in different folders, the problem is that
4.84 is the free version and neither works as a plugin from photoshop (the answer it gave when I called it as a plugin,
nor does it process raw.(less important as 4.90 still works as a standalone.)
I need an unlock code for 4.84 pro(MP) .
What is the procedure?
Thanks. JPJ
Jean-Pierre Jugean

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 29.09.2008 16:33


Please contact our support (support@heliconfilter.com) and you will get your activation code in case you forget it.

We need more info because we cannot reproduce your error. We'd better make it via email.

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Unread postby oldsalt19 » 29.09.2008 18:38

Perhaps Helicon admin cannot reproduce the problem, but I can: exactly like you say. HF hangs at logo when called from Photoshop. I am using an Intel duo core machine with Vista (Suprise!) I have had nothing but problems with Vista--a real nightmare.


answer to answers

Unread postby PJ2 » 29.09.2008 21:29

Thanks to Dan, your advice will be followed, time permitting.

Thanks to oldsalt19, I am indeed using Vista on an Intel quad. It's good not to be alone.



Now running both 4.84 and 4.90

Unread postby pj2 » 20.10.2008 12:44

Thanks to the team for their support.
I have found time to finetune and test everything.
So I process canon g9 file with 4.90 as a standalone,
using dcraw, which works fine when one knows where to find the options.
And 4.84 works as a plugin on photoshop elements, adding much needed functions.
Next, I will have a few more questions.
But the moment, it is satisfaction.

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