about Canon G9 raw and dcraw..again

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about Canon G9 raw and dcraw..again

Unread postby PJ2 » 24.09.2008 22:11

My contribution to ongoing conversations:
Yesterday night, Helicon v4.84 was running smoothly on my vista sp3 system.
I was finding it worked better than the software supplied with my canon G9.
It did produce nice conversions with dcraw higlight recovery at -2 or -3.
It started loading cR2 by identifying the files as 16bit (I was interested to see that) and 4000x3000, which was correct.
Today, I made the mistake of upgrading to v4.88. A disaster.
It reads theG9 raws as only 8bit and low definition, 1600x1200.
And the image is a pale, flat mess.
There is also the '1400' bug message when iHF refuses to exit.
I downloaded the 4.87 version, as suggested on this forum, but 4.88 refuses to be uninstalled by it.
I would appreciate constructive suggestions, at least an opportunity to download 4.84 again, as it was working so well.
Thank you

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 25.09.2008 08:34

We will publish 4.90 today, please check if this help.
Please note that 16-bit option for DCRAW disables white point correction so images may look flat.


about dcraw and canon g9 raw, again

Unread postby PJ2 » 25.09.2008 10:34

Thank you for that prompt response.
I will test new version when availaible and possible, and report my experience.


about hf 4.90 and canon G9 raw

Unread postby PJ2 » 25.09.2008 22:59

I registered for this forum but declared myself as PJ2 yesterday.
I installed 4.90 as soon as I could and was not disappointed.
All the flaws of 4.88 seem corrected, and the default values for dcraw are perfect.
Now I shall explore what advances have been made since my well-practised 4.84.
I may then write a little report on the superiority of HF over the software supplied with the canon G9 to process raw.
Keep up the excellent job you are doing.

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