What am i doing wrong?

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What am i doing wrong?

Unread postby Guest » 23.07.2008 14:23

Please help. I have been trying out the trial sofware and processed a stack of 17 images (Canon CR2 files), with a maximum focus from front to the stem of 5mm, but the resulting image is a swirl. All the images are the same size of an artificially lit indoor flower with the camera static and the focus on the lens (Sigma 15mm dg macro) changed incrementally for each shot. The camera didn't move and I used a timer to take the shots (F2.8, 1/4 Sec Exposure)
I have tried processing the images with the auto options disabled (rotation, magnification etc.) but the image comes out the same.
If i try processing just the first three shots, I can see that the resulting image has been rotated slightly for each shot clockwise (which causes the swirl when I try to do 17 images in the stack. I really want this to work....What could I be doiing wrong. Do I have to use a rail for this to suceed?

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 23.07.2008 21:12

This rotation is can be caused by protection system if the files were damaged after installation. Please reinstall the program and contact our support (support at heliconfocus.com) if the problem persists.

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