default file name for saving

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default file name for saving

Unread postby BillZM » 17.05.2008 14:52

I must be missing something. In the past, I believe HF defaulted to a suffix (_HF?) for file saves, and the help system still says this. For some reason, this is not happening on my machine. Don't know if it's a change with a recent version or if I have inadvertently changed this setting. Default file name is now original file name (risky!!!). How do I change this??? I'd like to be able to set the default name (with a suffix of my choosing?).

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Unread postby lutz » 19.05.2008 22:53

Hello Bill,

my HF version still saves as _hf by default. However, I cannot find the "settings" either in the current version. :shock:

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Unread postby Kgeo » 20.05.2008 12:54

Hello Bill,
you can find the default setting (and the possibility to change it)
under "Queue" and e.g. "Show Queue" when you added one or more
pics. When you "close queue" even without proceeding, changes will be

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Unread postby BillZM » 21.05.2008 16:12

That worked. I don't usually use queues, but had done so and used special naming and saving for a past project. Didn't realize this changed the ongoing default. That's fine now that I know.

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