Trojan id'd in Helicon Focus' library?

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Trojan id'd in Helicon Focus' library?

Unread postby voyager3 » 09.04.2008 22:00

My PC virus s/w, Zone Alarm, is quarantining SerialShield.dll from the Helicon Focus pgm. It's saying it is infected with Trojan.Win32.Agnet.jnz Has anyone else found this issue? The Helicon s/w won't run without the dll.

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Virus Report in ZoneAlarm

Unread postby rachlinent » 10.04.2008 00:45

I reported this yesterday and received the following - "Latest versions of antivirus bases treat one of our components as a virus. This component is responsible for copy protection" The file is SerialShield.dll. It is not a Trojan!
The work-around until they update the software is to go into ZoneAlarm and open the Anti-virus tab. Click on Quarantine and then highlight the file shown as Trojan.Win32.Agent.jnz in the Helicon Filter\library. Click Restore. Then shutdown ZoneAlarm and open Helicon Filter. Ignore the error message and HF should open. Then reopen ZoneAlarm. Helicon Filter will operate without a problem. To avoid doing this whenever you want to use HF, just leave it open.


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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 15.04.2008 09:48

New fixed version is on the server!


SerialShield.dll in recent download still triggers alert

Unread postby dstefan » 18.02.2009 04:25

Just downloaded HC pro this weekend (and paid for a one year license).
Ad Aware is tagging and deleting SerialShield.dll. If there was a fixed version posted in April, was this not changed in the download?

Do I have to get the fixed version of SerialShield.dll and manually load it?

David in Phoenix

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Unread postby Kgeo » 21.02.2009 13:25

Sorry, but I have the same behavior.
Ad-Aware finds: Win32TR\.\yBanker
Spybot S&D finds: Win32.Renos.ik

A solution ist urgently needed!
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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 24.02.2009 10:20

Sorry guys! We are preparing new update. There is nothing dangerous in the dll. Its selfextracting engine is detected as a ad ware or virus.

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