Black Point effect jumps!?

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Black Point effect jumps!?

Unread postby firexball » 02.11.2007 11:21

Hello Danylo!

I recognized, that the "effect" of the black-point-slider jumps. Between the values 0..2 there is no difference in the effect (in the picture). Form 2->3 there is a "bigger" jump in the effect and form 3..5 there is also no effect. This is going on up to a value of 22. From there, every value has a specific change in the picture. The red clipping mark in the Equalizer changes by every value, but you can also see the "jumping" in the curve!

I think this is since the change to linear... :oops:

Greetings firexball

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Dan Kozub
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Unread postby Dan Kozub » 04.11.2007 22:09

Yes, you are right. After changing to linear space the black point is gamma-decoded and this causes rounding errors. We will see if this can be fixed.

Thanks for reporting! : ) no one else would notice it : )

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