Tethered Live View on Android Phone

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Tethered Live View on Android Phone

Post by TimKaye » 27.08.2018 06:15

My anticipated use of Helicon Remote will be in a clinical setting. I use a Canon 7D MkII, with macro lens and ring flash, to take clinical photos in an ENT setting. To then immediately review and discuss the clinical images with patient and interns, I struggle (ineffectively) to show the images on the camera's small LCD screen.

I expect that if I install Helicon Remote on an android tablet (eg Samsung Galaxy with USB port) I would be able to tether to camera with USB cable and "live view" the images, as they are shot, on the tablet screen. Is that a reasonable assumption.

I don't need to perform any remote tethered control of any camera functions (focus, shutter etc), but I want to be confident that I can expect the tethered live view to virtually be instantaneous.

I understand that this will not work on my iPad Pro, since it cannot function as USB host, but I understand that android tablets, and even android phones (like the Samsung S9 or the Samsung Note 9) would permit this tethering and live view functionality(?)

I suppose I can just purchase the app and try, but I wondered if anyone would offer comments/predictions/suggestions?


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Re: Tethered Live View on Android Phone

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 27.08.2018 14:27

You can just download the app for free and try. And yes, your assumptions are reasonable as far as I understood them.
If you need to interact with the camera body controls (press the shutter release button, change the camera settings), you'll have to turn live view off in the app, but you will still get instant review of any shot you take. Do note that you must use the app to control the camera while live view is on, the camera body locks its physical controls during this time.

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