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Image review issue

Post by mr_software » 27.07.2018 15:48

Hi all. I just loaded Helicon Remote from the Apple App store, so I believe I have the most recent version. I'm using it with a Canon 5D Mark IV camera in wireless mode. When I'm trying to check the focus on my Iphone 10, I use the fast preview function. It stays on screen only for a few seconds, even though I have set the preview time to 99 in the settings of Helicon Remote. I also notice that when the preview does go away, my live view screen on the phone is now black. The only way I can seem to get that live view back is to go to the live view tab and turn off live view, then turn it back on. I don't think I'm doing something wrong, so I thought I would ask if this issue has been seen before?

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Stas Yatsenko
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Re: Image review issue

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 31.07.2018 09:28

You're right, the fast preview time setting has no effect, we'll fix it in the next update. As for the other issue (black screen): that's odd, no one else has reported the problem and I'm sure people would notice their live view is black. So, it's not a blatant error in the app that affects everyone, it's a subtle error that affects very few users (possibly, you alone). Which makes it very difficult to debug.
First of all, can you please uninstall the app and install it again from the store? I know you've only just installed it, but still, sometimes reinstalling fixes problems. If that doesn't help, please reproduce the steps to get black live view and send a bug report (menu -> Feedback).

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