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Nikon D7500

Posted: 29.06.2018 18:44
by jorge3003
Hi. I find your software very interesting.
but I still can not connect my camera Nikon D7500 in helicon remote for ipone 8
How do I connect it?
I do not find any information.

Could you explain me? if it is for wifi or cable or as ........

Re: Nikon D7500

Posted: 02.07.2018 12:46
by Stas Yatsenko
It's explained in the app's description on App Store. Only wireless connection is possible on iOS, but D7500 does not support Wi-Fi, so you cannot use this particular body with Helicon Remote on iOS. You could use it on Android, Windows or Mac (with a USB cable).

Re: Nikon D7500

Posted: 02.07.2018 16:55
by jorge3003
ok, gracias por su atencion