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Blue "X" in Fast Preview

Posted: 11.06.2018 18:02
by captaindon130
Hi Stas,

I have given up on the wireless route for now and are using a USB cable. I can get connected and so on but when I am using Remote and want to see a Fast Preview there is a large blue "X" on the top right corner of the Fast Preview. How do I overcome this error?

Also when I am determining the closest and farthest point I get an error saying the two points are too close together or I need to make the farthest point. What is this all about?

Thanks in advance,


Re: Blue "X" in Fast Preview

Posted: 13.06.2018 09:15
by Stas Yatsenko
Not an error. It's a "Close" button to finish previewing and go back to live view.