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Mid-curtain flash option

Posted: 01.06.2018 09:21
by TheDocAUS

Any thought being give to allowing "mid-curtain" flash in Helicon Remote? Some recent research suggests this really helps with micro work. I found it a fascinating read

I am still on macro around 1:1, but hope to go higher magnification in the next year or so. Interested in any feedback. Thanks.

Re: Mid-curtain flash option

Posted: 04.06.2018 09:08
by Stas Yatsenko
Can't say much right now, this isn't something we researched. I can say this: Helicon Remote can do anything that the camera allows doing in remote control mode, and can't do anything that the camera doesn't let it. For instance, flash often doesn't work with Canon cameras in live view mode (probably depending on the specific camera + flash combo).

Re: Mid-curtain flash option

Posted: 05.06.2018 09:19
by TheDocAUS
Thanks, I will wait and see whether any come of it. I am still happy around 1:1, this would help if I go over 5x. So I have plenty to learn yet.

Finally bought the WeMacro today, so I can use Helicon Remote with it.