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Trinamic TMCM 1141

Posted: 12.05.2018 09:38
by Stralph
After successfully running a Trimatic PD2-110-232, I bought a second stepper from Trinamic. It is a PD42-3-1141 using a TMCM 1141 controller. I thought that I read that it should work when connecting to USB.
Unfortunately, Helicon Remote does not recognize the controller. Is there anything to do to make the application to recognize the TMCM controller?
I use Windows and my used Version is 3.8.7W. The stepper works nicely when using Trinamic's TMCL tool.

Thank you and best regards,

Re: Trinamic TMCM 1141

Posted: 15.05.2018 11:38
by Stas Yatsenko
It should work. Make sure to close any other software capable of communicating with this stepper, then unplug it and plug it back in, then run Helicon Remote. Look for Trinamic under "Select a camera". If it's there, click to connect.
If Trinamic is still not detected, please send a bug report (Helicon Remote menu -> Feedback -> Report a bug).