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Re: D850 with ipad

Posted: 03.07.2018 15:56
by Stas Yatsenko
So it didn't crash, but it's interesting nonetheless.
Again, I need to clarify: do you mean that you couldn't use the camera but the app was generally responsive (you can access the menu and app settings, for example), or was the app entirely unresponsive and not reacting to anything?

Re: D850 with ipad

Posted: 03.07.2018 22:20
by stacking-tom
The connection to the camera is established!
I can change the time, aperture etc.

When the preferences -> Shooting -> Saving; set JPEG and RAW download mode to "Leave in the camera":
The take a picture works fine.

And this works also with RAW + JPG-Basic, when i saving only the JPEG in the iPhone.