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No flash sync / Nikon D850

Posted: 09.11.2017 20:28
by NikonChap
Hi - new user here. Although i've got focus stacking working without flash ok , I can't seem to get any flash to cooperate.

Set up :

Nikon D850
Sigma 105mm DG Macro lens
Nissin MF18 ring flash (also tried a Shanny SN600SN)
manual camera settings (eg f7.1 , 1/250 , ISO 400)
Autofocus set on camera and lens
Helicon remote V 3.9.1

I've tried switching off live view and also turning to manual autofocus etc but although the flash will then fire , the focus doesn't move.

Any suggestions on what setting to try to resolve ?



Re: No flash sync / Nikon D850

Posted: 10.11.2017 17:00
by Stas Yatsenko
It's probable that this boils down to camera body settings, but don't know which one, sorry. If you figure it out, we'd appreciate if you also let us know.

Note that if you switch to MF and have "Activate live when taking a shot" set to "No" in Helicon Remote, then you're truly shooting without turning live view on. If you switch to AF, then live view is required and cannot be bypassed regardless of the program settings. So it sounds like your flash indeed fails to trigger during live view. So it also could be a quirk of this particular flash.

Re: No flash sync / Nikon D850 - electronic shutter issue ??

Posted: 10.11.2017 17:52
by NikonChap
Hi - thanks for your reply.

Ive now tested the Nissin flash with my Nikon D500 and it syncs ok with that and stacks accordingly. I think the non flash sync with the Nikon d850 is around the electronic shutter. Helicon is using the electronic (silent)shutter rather than the mechanical shutter. I do know the D850's own built in focus shift feature won't fire a flash when set to silent shutter (ie electronic).
I will have a look to see if there is a setting to only use mechanical shutter on D850 - unless there is a setting in Helicon which can force a camera to use only mechanical ?

Thanks ,


Re: No flash sync / Nikon D850

Posted: 10.11.2017 20:43
by NikonChap
Hi - in answer to my own question ...... I've now disabled the electronic shutter in Nikon D850 the LV menu and I can now get flash sync as it using the mechanical shutter ! :D


Re: No flash sync / Nikon D850

Posted: 13.11.2017 11:58
by Stas Yatsenko
Great, thanks for letting us know!

Re: No flash sync / Nikon D850

Posted: 14.05.2018 18:15
by zeeallen

I have the same issue. Using Nikon D850 with remote triggering for my studio flash. I can not get the flash to trigger with Helicon Remote.
I am wondering if you get any answer or a solution.

I am using 2 BronColor Siros L 800 W flash unites with Nikon RFS 2.2 triggering unit.

Re: No flash sync / Nikon D850

Posted: 15.05.2018 12:04
by Stas Yatsenko
Have you tried disabling electronic shutter as described two posts above?
If that doesn't help, make sure the camera is in still photo mode and not movie mode.

Re: No flash sync / Nikon D850

Posted: 21.05.2018 10:53
by Rabotch
Hello Remote lovers,

I have a problem with my Nikon D850 shooting tethered stacks via HR. Like usual, i define the nearest and then the farest point of the subject. Then i shoot a single test picture to control the light setting via CTRL + N (or T) ...

but ... my studio flashes won't sync, no flash. HR gets my D850 to exposure, but prevent the flashes to react. I regocnize that when i hit CTRL + N (or T) and the live view window in HR opens, the setting "Front curtain sync" changes to "Flash prohibited".

An alternative test with my Nikon D800 works fine like usual, same setting with flashes, and "Front curtain sync" stays "Front curtain sync" while i hit CTRL + N (or T). I've done all changing in settings in the D850 menu dialog viceversa, but the main thing is NO electronic shutter. Any solution?

Best regards

Re: No flash sync / Nikon D850

Posted: 21.05.2018 21:17
by Stas Yatsenko
It's not HR blocking the flash, it's the flash not working on live view mode. I can't say why exactly, but definitely because of the camera body settings. Typical culprits are movie live view mode and electronic shutter.

Re: No flash sync / Nikon D850

Posted: 17.08.2018 16:21
by tshearer
I may be able to help with this. I have a Nikon D810 that worked perfectly for years with Helicon Remote. Then I encountered the Flash Prohibited message when shooting studio strobes in Live View. I even went as far as resetting the menus to factory default. What did work was setting live view on the camera body (Back of camera, lower right toggle switch.) from the movie icon to the camera icon. It works like it used to now.