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FB Tube

Posted: 27.09.2017 11:45
by mrose
Hi Stas, I cannot find a forum for your FB Tube so I post here. From what I read the tube is not yet available for Nikon (November?)
Also from what I read the tube will allow me to to shoot continuous at 6fps with the Nikon D750? So for example I could do a 24 stack in 4 seconds?
Also what is the extension of the FB tube please, I may have missed this spec on your website.
Many thanks.

Re: FB Tube

Posted: 29.09.2017 09:38
by Stas Yatsenko
Yes, at the moment we ran out of stock of tubes for Nikon cameras and expect to have them by mid- or end-October. The tube length is 12 mm for Canon and 13 mm for Nikon. The tube does not affect the camera shooting speed, so continuous shooting with Nikon D750 should work fine.