Shorter delay between continous shootings

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Shorter delay between continous shootings

Post by lupacexi » 26.07.2017 17:57

hello all,

just started to work with helicon remote, but already have a question which i could not find in forum:

i use helicon remote to set autofocus start- and end-point with some 3-6 steps. but i need to take 2 shots with short delay with each autofocus step, because i use automasking (like hensel freemask). therefore i need 2 shots within 2 seconds to enable flashlight control for front and background flashes.

i tried a lot with settings and prefs, but i could not shorten the time between the 2 shots, even when saving just to camera. is there a way to get this working? otherwise i cannot use HR for this purpose...

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Stas Yatsenko
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Re: Shorter delay between continous shootings

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 27.07.2017 11:29

No, 2 seconds is unachievable. 3-3.5 at best.
You can take a number of shots very quickly in continuous (burst) shooting mode, but then focus adjustment between these shots is impossible.

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