hex codes and methods of commands to camera

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hex codes and methods of commands to camera

Post by arduinolover » 22.07.2017 04:37

Hello friends at helicon. I am hoping you can help me!

I am trying to make an arduino board for night time photography of milky way. I am running it to libgphoto2 which I understand is very similar to the way helicon might work for pc and mobile, mostly be hex code being issued and received to camera via PTP protocol. it is an open source camera control project for PC written in C.

The issue is i have poured over the functions in libgphoto and cannot for the life of me find the hex codes for issuing command to camera for bulb capture and movie recording. Every other camera function appears to be present. I have also received canon and nikon SDK from them and cant find it in the documentation.

I noticed however helicon remote has these features, bulb and movie recording. Is there any way you can share hex values of what they are?

in particular i am looking for the hex codes to

start bulb exposure
end bulb exposure
start movie recording
end movie recording

i think i have actually found the start and end movie recording for nikon cameras in the SDK. I think they are
0x920A StartMovieRecInCard
0x920B EndMovieRec

but i cant find the rest. Any ideas? Are you able to help me??? Really ive tried searching the internet but havent been able to find anything! Are you able to point me in the right direction?? thank you :)

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Stas Yatsenko
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Re: hex codes and methods of commands to camera

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 22.07.2017 20:37

It's all in the SDK document. If you can't find bulb shooting commands, that's because your camera doesn't support it. Only the new-gen cameras like D800, D600, D4 and later support it.

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Re: hex codes and methods of commands to camera

Post by arduinolover » 09.08.2017 06:24

Good news, I found out how to do bulb mode for EOS Cameras like 50D that don't have "B" mode on the mode dial. But I can't quite get bulb capture to work on newer cameras like 5D Mark III that have "B" mode for bulb instead of a "BULB" shutter speed in M mode.

This was how I did it:

0xD102, 0x0c //Set Eos Shutter Speed to BULB
0x9128 //Remote release on
0x9125 //Start Bulb


0x9126 //End Bulb
0x9129//Remote release off

Any idea the codes needed for bulb on canon camera like 5d mark iii?

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