Problem with Performance when using Helicon Remote

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Problem with Performance when using Helicon Remote

Post by brentclark2003 » 17.07.2017 05:23

I have a 2014 Nexus 7 that works FINE (at least as well as most anything) with Helicon Remote. Had a charging problem and bought a Nexus 9. One of the things it has to do is work properly with is Helicon Remote. HR takes the fee from the camera live view and lets you do camera control, select focus points, and so on.
Unfortunately, when connected to my Nikon D810, if I move the camera, only the far right edge of the screen updates. Then after several seconds, the rest of the screen updates. When zooming, you get the right edge updated, and tiles displaying and sitting on the screen. Again, after several seconds the screen finally updates.

Since it works fine with the Nexus 7, I presume there's some difference in the 9 that's having a problem. I don't know if Helicon Remote needs some update, or if its the tablet. I posted the problem to the Helicon Soft forum, but I suspect they're blocking posts that show problems 'cause it still hasn't shown up.

I took some video showing what it does, and can post it if it's useful, but can anyone provide ideas for getting rid of the huge screen lag? Is it possible to change the resolution of the Nexus 9 (presuming the problem is because of the higher resolution than the Nexus 7)? Or do I just mark this as a bad experiment and dump it back at the retailer where it was purchased?
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Re: Problem with Performance when using Helicon Remote

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 18.07.2017 12:50

We're aware of this problem occurring on Nexus 9. We don't have any workaround, but we are working on what will hopefully solve the problem. So the best advice I can give is wait for the next update of the app, although it won't happen in a few weeks.

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