Registration of Helicon Remote on Android Fails

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Registration of Helicon Remote on Android Fails

Unread post by BruceG » 14.05.2017 09:40

I am trying to Register Helicon Remote on my Android Phone. I paid for an annual license for Helicon Focus Pro (one year license in Nov 2016 but when I put in the Activation Code sent to me by email, I get the message "Online registration - The license has expired". I have written to support and not heard back as yet (it is Sunday in Australia and I guess it is Saturday in the US) but I was hoping someone on the forum may know of a work around?

The Helicon Remote software just says "No Camera Detected" when I plug in my Canon 5D Mark iv via the USB 3.0 cable, so I cannot use it as an unregistered user either it seems. I have already uninstalled Helicon Remote from my Android phone and then reinstalled it from Google Play but the camera is not detected and the Registration Process still stubbornly but incorrectly insists the license has expired. Any thoughts folks?

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