On-Screen Aspect Overlays

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On-Screen Aspect Overlays

Post by wcarey » 10.03.2017 20:19

I've got a project for a web retailer that is requesting that I shoot my images full frame square format. The issue I'm wrestling with is accuracy on where the framing should be. I can select grid overlays but not a square frame aspect overlay. Sometimes I need to shoot for video which is 16x9 (most of the time). Again, it would be extremely nice to be able to select a grid overlay with different screen aspect ratios such as square (1:1), HD Video (16x9), maybe some cinematic screen ratios.

I shoot product images for a living and I shoot them full frame and full resolution. From there, I can have them edited as layered cutout product images so I can use them in any fashion needed. But in this recent job, shooting groups of products in a single square (1:1) aspect image has proven difficult. Currently, my only solution was using a large celluloid plastic sheet and drawing out a full frame square box and laying that on my monitor so that I can see a square area from which to shoot.

Different camera systems shoot many different aspect ratios but standard DSLRs shoot the standard 3:2 and nothing else. Typically retail product photography is a 1:1 aspect ratio, a left over from the medium format only product shot days.

Is there any hope of seeing aspect ratio overlays added to the grid selection or possibly a new menu item of aspect ratio screen overlays?


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Re: On-Screen Aspect Overlays

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 13.03.2017 15:03

It's definitely something we should do. Can't promise when it'll be done exactly, but it's up there on the to-do list.

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