Stacked focus result saved?

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Stacked focus result saved?

Post by TomK_VA » 28.01.2017 16:55

OK, really dumb question here.

I have taken focus stacked images and "Focus Stacking" has produced a final result on my screen, but I cannot find it saved anywhere on my tablet.

I started with the default "Saving" location (the tablet's storage) and by reading here I switched it to the card (/storage/extSdCard...HeliconRemote2) but it simply isn't there.

I copied the entire content of my tablet to my PC and searched for anything with today's date and nothing is apparent.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Stas Yatsenko
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Re: Stacked focus result saved?

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 30.01.2017 12:37

It's in the FAQ: ... ing_result

You can't save the stacking result. Focus stacking on mobile devices is for preview purposes only, so that you can make sure your images are good while you're still in the field and can re-shoot in case of trouble. The stacking isn't even done in full resolution (due to hardware limitations of mobile devices). For actual high quality focus stacking use Helicon Focus software on Windows or Mac.

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