Remote with 5DSr WFT_E7 and IPhone

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Remote with 5DSr WFT_E7 and IPhone

Post by lprice_photography » 29.12.2016 20:50

Hi all..

firstly loving the helicon focus software! so I treated myself to a WFT E7 unit so that i could use the remote software also.

after many attempts I have finally got the setup working but its pretty flakey, it keeps dropping the connection.

I'm connected as follows : camera Canon 5DSr (latest firmware) cabled to the WFT E7B (latest firmware).
I've then created a hotspot from my iPhone and synced the camera Wifi to that.

Helicon remote works for a period, then drops the connection.

I have disabled the 'auto power off' setting but still the link keep dropping.

any thoughts??

note it does the same over the house Wifi network too.

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Stas Yatsenko
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Re: Remote with 5DSr WFT_E7 and IPhone

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 30.12.2016 15:14

This is not something we're aware of and have a solution readily available.
The connection to iPhone hotspot certainly should work, in theory, but it's a bit... exotic. Have you tried the other way around? Camera in the Smartphone mode hosting its own Wi-Fi network that iPhone connects to?

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