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I just bought the package including Helicon Remote for use with my EOS 80D, starting with the Canon Lens 10-18 (if that made a difference) via WLAN. I tried to connect from iPad and iPhone with latest versions. I was able to connect unreliably.

I was able to set 2 focus-points. Setting the steps manually was a bit painful (backspace not well working). Setting A was easy. For setting B I used the manual arrows, but it takes quite a while for reaching in my case 54. So if there's no better way than that, one might think of an enhancement to allow entering the value.

If I left the steps to be set automatically, I saw it set to 2, so I adjusted to 10 for testing.

I saw the App doing a brief dryrun or sth similar, by parsing the complete focus range in steps - taking some while, but ok.

From then on the behaviour wasn't consistent.
- sometimes the App got stuck on this - not taking action and not allowing to retry (I had to kill the APP and restart)
- sometimes it sounded like the camera was taking the shots and adjusted the focus, I nevertheless never found any picture on the camera
- sometimes the focus-bar left the upper edge of the App not taking any further actions
- sometimes the iPad lost the WiFi and even after a power-cycle of camera and killing the App, it couldn't get revived

Sometimes I saw the camera busy needing a power-cycle to recover or stopping to work completely (also needing a power-cycle).

As there would be some options to set comms up, I'd like to know which one to take.

- Shall I pick "Smartphone" or "EOS Utility"?
- Shall I set the 80D up to create it's own WLAN or use the Hotspot created by my iPhone, asking the camera to join it (I prefered that, because it might be easier to charge the iPhone than the camera)?

I already set my camera back to defaults, having AF set FlexiZone Multi to either [] or the square-sign. I removed EOS Utility and Camera Connect from both of my devices.

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Re: EOS 80D

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 05.12.2016 20:45


First of all, it's unclear what you meant by "backspace not well working".

For the "Auto" mode to work properly, it must be setup as per the instructions in the DOF calculator window: http://www.heliconsoft.com/HeliconRemot ... ION_FACTOR

As for your following observations:
1. If the app gets stuck, please send us a bug report (menu -> Feedback -> Report a bug) with a brief description of the issue (e. g. "Stuck."). Without the report I cannot say what's wrong.
2. The shots are pulled to the phone by default. Access them from iTunes, or export to Photos (menu -> Export images).
3. Please clarify what you call the focus bar here. Do you mean the tabs - Exposure, Focus, Live View, Tools?
4. It's most likely that the connection loss is not an issue on our part nor something we can fix, but you shouldn't have trouble reconnecting. When that occurs, send a bug report with the appropriate description of the issue (so that I know what to look for).
5. Camera may go "Busy" for limited periods of time, that's normal. If it's stuck - send a report.

Both Smartphone and EOS utility mode will work, there's no functional difference between them that we're aware of. If you expect these two modes to produce different power consumption, that it unlikely (but feel free to experiment).

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