Confirm before saving? Self-timer?

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Confirm before saving? Self-timer?

Post by zoneinfinite » 11.10.2016 08:06

- Is there a way to confirm first before auto-saving the image to my phone?

- How about a simple self-timer feature? Not timelapse...I can't seem to use my camera's self timer with Helicon.

- Can I use the shutter button on the camera when live view is enabled?

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Stas Yatsenko
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Re: Confirm before saving? Self-timer?

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 11.10.2016 10:06

1. No, but you can simply choose to save to the camera's memory card instead (if supported by the camera): ... emory_card
2. Self-timer is not supported, and, arguably, is unnecessary for a remote control app - you can point the camera at yourself, use live view and trigger the shot at your convenience.
3. No, not when live view is on. The camera's firmware blocks all the body controls when the camera is in remote control mode and LV is on. Turn LV off to use body controls.

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