Update 3.7.3 Nikon d750

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Update 3.7.3 Nikon d750

Post by krugh » 25.08.2016 13:28

Hi! I've been using helicon remote on windows 7 since a year. Previously it was all ok but after new update 3.7.3 Helicon Remote sometimes crashes. I have already reinstall it, also I've to make clean instal but still doesn't wor fine. Still shotting down. Is there any chance to get older version of softweare?

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Re: Update 3.7.3 Nikon d750

Post by dgoldenberg » 01.12.2016 13:36

Hi I just got the software and appear to have similar problems
I finally got my D750 synced with my Iphone and took 26 shots or so.
But now I cant find them? They aren't on either of the cards?
where are they supposed to be stored and how do I download thme to process on my laptop
i think i'm missing something???



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Stas Yatsenko
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Re: Update 3.7.3 Nikon d750

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 01.12.2016 16:04

By default, the images are pulled to the phone - you can download them with iTunes or export to Photos (Helicon Remote menu -> Export photos).
If you want to keep the images on the camera's memory card, go to the app's preferences -> Saving and set the RAW / JPEG download mode to "Leave in the camera".

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