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StackShot3x Support

Post by thomasmj » 10.02.2016 23:47

I bought the virtual object creation kit, which utilizes a rail and a stepper motor for the Y axis. Helicon Remote doesn't seem to allow you to control more than the X axis and you have to do it manually on the StackShot3x control box? Is this correct? Will such a thing be fixed in the future?

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Stas Yatsenko
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Re: StackShot3x Support

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 11.02.2016 10:58

Yes, we only support one axis for now. There are plans to add support for unlimited number of axes, but I can't say when it will be implemented.

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Re: StackShot3x Support

Post by MikeCT » 25.02.2016 20:12

I can use both successfully.
It turns out that to get it to work you need to do things in order.
Set the camera to remote trigger
Then plug camera into computer
Run Helicon Remote, set the destination folder
Watching Live view in Remote I adjust the start and end points on Stackshot3 and also check for exposure.
Once everything is set, turn LiveView OFF
After setting the Stackshot3 for focus, rotation and tilt I started the program
Each stack is 30 shots, totally about 1GB, the sample then rotates 10 degrees and repeats. At the end it tilts the stage 15 degrees and repeats the entire sequence from 0-90 degrees.
Total shots ~6500, total storage ~200 GB

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