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Feature Request(s) - PLEASE

Post by MR H » 01.08.2014 16:20

Any chance of the following or consideration of, Thank you.
I use Canon 5D3 and 7D, PC (win8.1) and Android Nexus 7.

1. How about the ability to select the items I save in "my menu" in a 'my menu' tab.

Its the green menu at the end of all menus where you can select your own quick list.
For me that list includes folder selection / new folder.
I really want each stack in its own folder - I save to the camera card

2. Any way the focus highlight AND exposure highlight can be on at the same time?

3. The camera Info buttom would usually show various data, electronic x/y level - Is that possible to toggle?

4. The zoom selection could that be x5 and x10 to mimic the Canon? (currently press to zoom one setting)

5. Canon has that great exposue guide in the view finder/live view, Any change it could appear in you software - I know I really should learn more about the histogram and your software/app has forced me to do so (a positive thing) , But I do like the quick check and those learning to be better will have had that in the Canon view from birth!

6. In "an other" well known stacking software it claims (I have not used it) that an option in the stack for use with live animals to ignore multi repeat of hairs/antenae etc........That possible? (Thats H Focus request)

Many thanks, Shout of these things exist but I have missed them, Still learning........

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Stas Yatsenko
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Re: Feature Request(s) - PLEASE

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 05.08.2014 09:25

1. It doesn't seem possible. As far as I know, there's no way to query the list of options you've put there, let alone invoke a command unless it's otherwise exposed to us by the firmware. The rule of thumb is if Canon EOS utility doesn't let you do it - we can't either.
2. If you suggest a meaningful way of marking pixels that are overexposed and in focus at the same time. Make them purple?.. I don't know, we could experiment with it but I don't think there's any great way to do that without ever causing confusion or making the picture overloaded with the highlighting.
3. Not sure, we'll look into it later. But at least you can access it the regular way, by pressing the info button, while live view is off.
4. Select zoom level with mouse wheel on Mac / PC or with pinch gesture on Android.
5. I don't believe so. The camera clearly sends us the vanilla LV image and only then paints it and displays on the LCD. This feature is enclosed within the firmware.
6. I doubt this can be efficient. Deghosting requires several images of the same scene to suppress moving objects. In focus stacking every frame is different, so ignoring one of them would mean that part of the information is lost. We would appreciate your feedback if you try this feature for real stacks.

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Re: Feature Request(s) - PLEASE

Post by MR H » 21.08.2014 00:45

3 and 4 - Thanks, I had missed those options, That's a great help. Will check but with live view off guessing the menu button works as well so I can access 'my menu' that way and answers 1. as well :D Big thumbs up.

Thank you.

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