Is this normal behaviour?

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Is this normal behaviour?

Post by vincitytaymodaimo » 04.10.2018 03:28

I've noticed under the controls heading in the settings menu the ability to change the behaviour of a "tap" or "long tap" with the Helicon Remote Icon on the main screen. I can't seem to get a long tap to register, everything registers as a normal tap.

And for my question, The DOF preview (canon only) check box - (Main screen, LiveView Tab) turns off when when any of the 6 Focus buttons are used - (Main screen, Focus Tab). Is this normal behaviour?

My camera is currently a EOS60D and I'm using a Asus Transformer tablet

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Stas Yatsenko
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Re: Is this normal behaviour?

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 04.10.2018 15:33

No, that shouldn't happen, we'll see what's up with that. Also, long tap seems to be broken on Android at the moment, we're looking into as well. Thanks for letting us know.

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