New w/D800E

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New w/D800E

Unread post by MDKern » 24.07.2012 19:21

I am trying to better understand how to configure and use the software with the D800e. A few questions....
1. I cannot get a Live View picture….. should I?
2. What camera settings should I be using e.g., LiveView Mode for Video or Camera? AF - S setting? etc… anything that might affect usage
3. What is the difference between Fast Preview and Preview? I do not get an image for Preview
4. Can I connect my camera thru a hub? or should it be directly connected to PC?
5. The camera shutter is triggering quite a bit when I am trying to move from LiveView to Fast Preview… is it buggy?
6. Is there a manual to be found? I see one page of help, but not a lot of detail....

Appreciate any help you can provide !


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Stas Yatsenko
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Re: New w/D800E

Unread post by Stas Yatsenko » 25.07.2012 14:19

1. Yes, you should. Though we are preparing new version of Helicon Remote with many bugs fixed.

2. Camera mode is prefered, though new version will work ok in any case.

3. This might be a bug we already fixed, please wait for the new version. Fast Preview is made in predefined format (small or big JPEG, configurable in the next version), while Preview is made with current format (might be RAW) and opened with default external image viewer.

4. Yes, it should work through a hub too.

5. Fast Preview is equivalent to making a shot with lower quality, so the sound should as during Take picture.

6. That is all help we have now. Let us know what is not covered or should be explained in more details, your feedback is welcome!

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