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File Management

Posted: 21.03.2017 21:32
by PZ45BBB
The weakest feature of Helicon Photo Safe is file management. It is very hard to move one picture from one folder to another. The 2 panel solution is cumbersome and does not work. People should be able to right click a picture and easily move it to a selected folder. With a right click in a picture, a menu should open with the option " move to ". Clicking in that option . We should be able to choose a destination folder. Selecting the option move to a window could open with 2 options : 1- Last used folders. 2: select . With option 1 we would be able to choose from the last 15 destinations folders previously used . With option 2 - select - we would be able to select a destination folder not used before.
I dont use HS exactly that feature is missing.
Besides that Helicon photo safe is very nice. It is fast , it can highlight all the pictures in a folder and subfolders , and works well.

Re: File Management

Posted: 22.03.2017 15:32
by Stas Yatsenko
Thanks for the suggestion, we will see if we can implement it soon.