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Saving in .avi or QuickTime

Posted: 07.07.2018 09:08
by Melissa89
I've downloaded and installed the trial version of Helicon Focus. When I try to save a video in Helicon 3D Viewer I'm only given the option of mp4, not avi or QuickTime.

Re: Saving in .avi or QuickTime

Posted: 09.07.2018 12:02
by Stas Yatsenko
MP4 is one of the few options that make sense. AVI is an old video container format that's been out of wide use for at least 5 years by now. QuickTime is Apple-only, requires special software to view on other platforms. MP4 is a modern video container format with great support, it can be viewed on any platform and even on most of the hardware video players. If you need a different format, use one of the many free video converters.