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Helicon install crashing

Posted: 14.06.2018 17:41
by joceyp
I've recently been using the 7.0 beta version for Mac. I've found some bugs which I had been working with your support on to deal with, but since they are now hindering my job workflow I need to revert back to 6.7.2. I've asked in emails multiple times for help to get this to successfully open, because ever since I've downloaded and then uninstalled 7.0, once I download 6.7.2 - it crashes immediately before the application window even opens.

I sent an email to Stas yesterday with the bug I found in 7.0 and also asking for assistance with this crash. I have yet to hear back and right now I literally cannot work at my job because I do not have a functioning helicon. PLEASE HELP.

Re: Helicon install crashing

Posted: 15.06.2018 14:52
by Stas Yatsenko
Open Helicon Focus 7 -> Menu -> Preferences. Press Cmd+Alt+Shift+W, click "Yes" in the prompt. DO NOT restart Focus 7. You can now run Focus 6 successfully.

As for your report of an alignment issue, we need more data. Specifically, we need the two stacks (sets of source images) that produce unaligned results erroneously.
One thing you can try is disable auto-adjustments in the Helicon Focus settings.