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Failed to open images

Posted: 04.03.2018 10:05
by Nudde
Hello, I was going to do a stack, but I canĀ“t get the pictures open? The Helicon says Failed to open Images. It was working for a week or two when I used it, but not now. What can the problem be? The images is RAW and taken with Canon EOS5D mark IV.

Re: Failed to open images

Posted: 05.03.2018 13:15
by Stas Yatsenko
You need to install new Adobe DNG Converter:
and setup the path to DNG Converter in Helicon Focus menu "Edit / Preferences... / Integration". In the RAW development settings under Source image list select RAW-in-DNG-out loader codec.

Re: Failed to open images

Posted: 07.03.2018 12:20
by Nudde
Thanks, I get it worked.